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Fiducian supports Financial Advisers by providing administrative solutions, technical assistance and strategic guidance to ensure all Fiducian clients receive the highest quality advice and services.

Importance of Quality Financial Advice
The purpose of Financial Advisers is to understand their clients’ needs, their risk profiles, their budgetary requirements and their goals. It is not all about investment returns!

In fact a Financial Adviser does not generate returns for a portfolio – the various markets where moneys are invested determine the returns. Planners are there to focus on the strategic asset allocation of a portfolio – this means determining where a client’s money is best invested – and to ensure that this allocation is reviewed and altered when required.

It is more likely a portfolio will be altered due to a change in client circumstances rather than a change in the stock market.

Authorised Financial Advisers
The Financial Advisers who use Fiducian’s services all operate under an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) – Fiducian ensures this in the interests of ensuring client protection. We will not provide any services to a planner who is not authorised to provide advice.

Fiducian Investment Products
The investment products Fiducian offers for Financial Advisers to use have all been researched by Fiducian’s internal investment team – this means we are comfortable that the available investments are well administered, run by reputable managers and invested for the purpose of providing solid returns, not in order to gain artificial tax incentives or provide highly publicised, yet unrealistic, rapid growth.

We also offer a range of investment products to enable investments to be diversified across various sectors and markets, international and domestic, however all these investments have also been researched and approved by Fiducian.

This cautious approach means that clients in Fiducian products avoid exposure to scheme collapses and are not over exposed to one sector.

Your Adviser will explain the benefits of diversification and consistent and steady returns to you.

The range of products and services your Adviser is able to utilise depends on the Australian Financial Services Licence under which they operate – your Adviser will provide you with a Financial Services Guide which will set out details of what they can offer and how much you will pay for these services.

How to access Fiducian Products and Services
Please ask your Adviser about how to use Fiducian’s products and services, including access to our own range of manage the manager funds – you will find more information .

There is more information on our Products and Services here.

The information on the Fiducian website is not intended to be a recommendation, offer, or invitation to invest. Any advice is general in nature and does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs. You should consult your Financial Planner for advice and consider the disclosure document for each product before making investment decisions.

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