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The Fiducian International Shares Fund invests in a diversified group of specialist international equity managers. This asset sector can deliver high returns over long periods of time, but it can also show sharp and significant fluctuations in value, up and down, over short intervals. This Fund gives investors an opportunity to participate in the economic growth of major global economies through investment in international companies. This Fund has a currency overlay managed by a specialist currency manager, Pareto Investment Management Limited, to manage exposure to international currencies.

Product Disclosure Statement

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Fund Commencement
February 1997

Benchmark and Aim
For this Fund, the relevant market index is the MSCI World ex-Australia Index. The objective is to exceed the benchmark (after fees) over rolling 3-year periods.

Asset Allocation (28 February 2018)

Underlying Portfolio Managers

Following are the current panel of investment managers as selected by Fiducian’s Investment Team. They have met the stringent requirements of Fiducian’s ‘Manage the Manager System’ and are continuously monitored by Fiducian’s Investment Team. The team tactically re-weights between the investment managers on the basis of detailed economic, market and fund performance analysis. Investment managers may be replaced from time to time at the discretion of the Fiducian Investment Team.


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