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Your Own Share Portfolio

If you would prefer to invest in your own portfolio of shares or listed property trusts, you can choose from three share portfolios and a property securities portfolio constructed by us. These Portfolios are the Imputation Portfolio, the Growth Portfolio, the Property Securities Portfolio and the Emerging Leaders Portfolio. Unlike managed funds, you own the underlying securities whilst still investing in a portfolio managed by investment professionals. We do not charge an investment management fee for these offerings.

We believe that effective management and administration of a portfolio with even a small number of shares is difficult and time consuming. It requires carefully and continually monitoring the companies in which investments have been made.

To assist you in investing in your own portfolio of shares, we offer the Fiducian Personal Managed Share Portfolios. These share portfolio strategies are each constructed by us to reflect investment objectives of particular types of members.

Each Portfolio is comprised of up to 14 shares. The Portfolios are entirely managed by us, including the proportions of shares held and the timing and size of purchases and sales.

The information on the Fiducian website is not intended to be a recommendation, offer, or invitation to invest. Any advice is general in nature and does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs. You should consult your Financial Planner for advice and consider the disclosure document for each product before making investment decisions.

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