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May 2017   Australia’s outlook ‘not compelling’, says Fiducian

May 2017   Fiducian acquires further $17 million in FUA

Apr 2017   Artificial intelligence is the future

Feb 2017   Economic & Market Commentary - Month Ending February 2017

Feb 2017   Property in SMSFs? Get advice

Feb 2017   Seeling your business? Don’t forget CGT

Jan 2017   Choosing the right financial planner

Jan 2017   Who pays your debts after you die?

Jan 2017   What do the new super rules mean for me?

Jan 2017   All expenses are not equal

Jan 2017   SMSFs Should I have corporate or individual trustees?

Dec 2016   Diversify to ride-out economic doldrums

Dec 2016   Doctors need financial health checkups

Oct 2016   Fiducian Ultra Growth Fund 2016

Oct 2016   Fiducian Technology Fund 2016

Oct 2016   Fiducian India Fund 2016

Sep 2016   Economic & Market Commentary - Month Ending September 2016

Aug 2016   Economic & Market Commentary - Month Ending August 2016

Aug 2016   Fiducian lifts profit 22% in uncertain year

Aug 2016   Planners help platform innovation at Fiducian

Jul 2016   Fiducian’s funds lead super races

Jun 2016   Diversify to profit in uncertain times

May 2016   Economic & Market Commentary – Month Ending May 2016

May 2016   Top 10 tips EOFY 2015-16

May 2016   Fiducian Charity Golf Day Photo Gallery

May 2016   Budget 2016 -17 – what it means for you

May 2016   Fiducian expands SMSF admin offering

Apr 2016   Fiducian acquires further $46m in Funds Under Advice

Apr 2016   In-house IT team boosts Fiducian’s growth in SMAs

Apr 2016   Declining commodities detrimental to economy

Mar 2016   Accountants going beyond limited licence

Mar 2016   Fiducian rolls out upgrade to FORCe financial planning software

Mar 2016   Accountants join Fiducian’s licencing before ASIC deadline

Mar 2016   Falling commodity prices take their toll: Fiducian

Feb 2016   Hold firm through volatility: Fiducian

Feb 2016   Diversification helps navigate market volatility

Feb 2016   Economic & Market Commentary – Month Ending January 2016

Dec 2015   Economy continues ‘weak’, says Fiducian

Nov 2015   Fiducian delivers unique online software for planners

Nov 2015   Fiducian’s funds win super races

Nov 2015   Fiducian launches Diversified Social Aspirations Fund for impact investors

Nov 2015   Fiducian acquires further $55 million in Funds under Advice

Sep 2015   Economy remains ‘tenuous’, Fiducian says

Sep 2015   Diversification an advantage to weathering current volatility

Aug 2015   Fiducian posts full-year growth, eyes more work with IFAs

Aug 2015   Fiducian to unlock full potential

Aug 2015   Fiducian growth strategy lifts profit 28%

Aug 2015   Hi-tech buoys Fiducian’s ultra-growth fund

Aug 2015   Fiducian acquire further $85m in Funds under Advice

Jul 2015   Ross Martin returns to super

Jul 2015   China struggles to calm ‘manic’ bourse

Jul 2015   Beware Greeks bearing 'No' Votes in a Referendum

Jul 2015   Media Release - Fiducian buys North Shore financial planning business

Jul 2015   Economic & Market Commentary – Month Ending June 2015

Jul 2015   Some considerations on the current ructions in Greece

Mar 2015   Fiducian Growth - Half-Year Results to 31 December 2014

Nov 2014   Fiducian Driving Planner Administration Efficiencies

Aug 2014   FPS Annual Result

May 2014   Fiducian Acquires $66 million in Funds Under Advice

Mar 2014   Half Year Results

Nov 2013   Fiducian Systems Support FOFA Compliance

Aug 2013   Fiducian Continued Strength – Annual Result to 30 June 2013.

Apr 2013   Fiducian Adds a New Manager to the Fiducian India Fund

Mar 2013   Fiducian Raising Funds for Vision Beyond AUS

Mar 2013   Fiducian Drives Revenue Growth - Half-year Results to December 2012

Aug 2012   Fiducian Annual Results - Fiducian Focus on Expanding Revenue Base

Jul 2012   Three consecutive years for Fiducian India Fund ‘Recommended’ rating

May 2012   Fiducian appoints NAB as Custodian

Mar 2012   Fiducian Annual Charity Golf Day & Dinner 2012

Mar 2012   Fiducian Drives Growth - Half-year Results to December 2011

Jan 2012   Fiducian Acquires State Trustees Retail Financial Planning Business

Oct 2011   Fiducian back for stellar Seniors Championship

Aug 2011   Fiducian Expanding for Revenue Growth - Annual Result to 30 June 2011

Mar 2011   Fiducian golfers tee off to help restore peoples eyesight

Feb 2011   Fiducian Steady Performance - Half-year Results to December 2010

Aug 2010   Fiducian Continued Strength - Annual Result to 30 June 2010

Feb 2010   Fiducian Strong Balance Sheet - Half-year Results to December 2009

Aug 2009   Fiducian Annual Result - Strong Balance Sheet and Continued Growth 

Feb 2009   Fiducian Strong Balance Sheet - Half-year Results to December 2008

Sep 2008   FPSL Annual Result - Continued growth, 18% net profit increase

Feb 2008   December 2007 Half Year - 40% increase in net profit after tax

Aug 2007   FPSL Annual Result - Profit growth supports 50% increase in dividend

Jan 2007   December 2006 Half Year - Continued strong profit growth and increased dividends.

Nov 2006   Fiducian launches Emerging Leaders Share Portfolio

Sep 2006   Fiducian 2006 Results - Strong profit growth and increased dividend

May 2006   Fiducian hits $1 Billion.

Feb 2006   Fiducian Half-Year Results

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