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Fiducian helps financial planning groups a number of different ways:

Fiducian can design a platform solution to fit your business, either through a badged solution including a white label platform, or wholesale access to our core platforms.

Fiducian ensures solutions are tailored to your planning group's specific circumstances.  This enables the Adviser to focus on servicing clients, while we worry about execution of their plans.

Together Fiducian and you are able to provide cost effective and flexible solutions to your clients, with features such as:

  • Tailored retail pricing

  • Discretion over minimum investments
  • Full control over investment selection

We can review the segmentation of your client base and assist with the analysis of your business to ensure you receive a platform that is right for you.

Contact us today to discuss the platform future of your group.

We can also provide competitive and flexible Self Managed Superannuation Fund Administration - see how the Fiducian SMSF Service can help you

How Fiducian Portfolio Administration Works
Fiducian provides investment and superannuation products designed to enable you to meet your retirement and savings goals. Due to the complexity of our products and the diversity of investments available, we recommend you contact a Financial Adviser prior to investing with Fiducian.

With the assistance of a Financial Adviser you can create an investment portfolio comprised of shares, managed funds and fixed income investments, as well as a selection of individually managed investment portfolios.

Fiducian facilitates investments with various fund managers on your behalf.

As we are able to pool client assets, we can secure an investment in what is known as a Wholesale Fund. This gives you access to investment sectors and markets which may not be readily available to investors who invest in retail managed funds.

This means instead of having to split your money across a number of different managed funds and shares, all your assets are in one place.

You only need to fill in one application form to access super, rather than the many if you wish to select your own retail managed funds.

All your tax reporting is done for all your assets in the Fiducian Investment Service: this removes a tremendous hassle at the end of each year when it is time to do your tax return.

We report all your assets at once so you can see a full snapshot of your investment situation on the web by using Fiducian Online. You will also receive a number of Statements throughout the year which will show all your transactions and investment balances together.

For information on how Fiducian can help with your superannuation through the Fiducian Superannuation Service.

For information on how Fiducian can help with your savings plans, through the Fiducian Investment Service.

The information on the Fiducian website is not intended to be a recommendation, offer, or invitation to invest. Any advice is general in nature and does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs. You should consult your Financial Planner for advice and consider the disclosure document for each product before making investment decisions.

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