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One System for the Financial Planning Business

FORCe Desktop is a single integrated system designed for centralised dealer administration to support financial planning operations for both small and large dealer groups.

IT Smarts to Save you Money
FORCe has been designed to ensure it is easy to use and maintain across multiple sites. With the future in mind, it uses the latest .Net capabilities, ‘smart client technology’ to self update, centralised database and external data integration, secure hosting and backup to minimise the IT burden for your business, for one or many locations.

CRM Focus
FORCe is designed with a CRM viewpoint to all the functionality and tools it delivers. The system revolves around the single client account record, for recording and viewing all information, no matter if it is an activity, task, document, ‘para-planning’ request or portfolio data coming from external sources, eg, a platform.  FORCe enables the planning practice to maximises efficiency and quality of client servicing.

Highly Flexible to Suit Your Business
FORCe recognises that business processes and day to day activities at the practice level are rarely the same between financial planning businesses even within the same dealer group. Using FORCe doesn’t mean changing your processes as FORCe provides all the tools you need but doesn’t mandate how you use them.

FORCe can be used primarily as a client management system with basic planning data recorded or allow you to capture client details and financials in great detail.

FORCe is also highly configurable when it comes to dealer administration. SoA text, reports, investment parameters, workflows, data collection questionnaires can all be easily configured to suit your business.