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Core Tools to Service Your Clients Financial Planning Needs


Easy Data Entry

As with any system, setting up your client's account and capturing all their information can be time consuming. FORCe has a range of tools not only make this administration task highly efficient, but also to help ensure data is entered correctly, including:

  • New Account / Fact Find Wizard.   A configurable wizard to match your Fact Find data collection form makes it easy to data enter all information collected for a new client in one place. And because it matches the paperwork, even new users can be productive with minimal training.
    On completion the wizard does all the work in setting up the account, and populating all modules with the essential data you need to service your client's account. 
    This also means your client's Fact Find is stored electronically alongside your clients’ risk profiles - for easy reference when undertaking Client Reviews. Multiple Fact Finds can be saved to keep a history of changing client information, to ensure a proper record is maintained over time.
  • Ribbon Bar Shortcuts  provide access with a single click to all the key functions you need for ongoing data maintenance, modelling, plan creation and activity recording.
  • Datafeed Linking   If you have a feed from a wrap or super platform, the information supplied can be used to automatically set up new financial records or the whole client account.

Capture Your Clients Complete Financial Position

Store all key financial information for the account - income, investment assets, liabilities and expenses. FORCe gives you the flexibility to enter financials at any level of detail, a basic or in-depth level to suit your purposes.   

Analyse your client’s financial situation instantly with projections of their financial information. Project and report cash flows and wealth analysis, as well as their tax position and portfolio allocation.



Instantly Analyse Your Clients Financial Situation

Analyse your client’s financial situation instantly with projections of their financial information.  Project and report:

  • Cash Flow
  • Wealth Analysis
  • Tax and
  • Portfolio Allocation.


A Suite of Fully Integrated Modelling Tools and Calculators

FORCe's suite of modelling tools allow you to undertake a variety of calculations and analyses of scenarios, which ultimately will feed to the advice to be provided to the client.  These are fully integrated into the software so you work on the client's current situation.  You have the flexibility to use these tools on a standalone basis, or even base a starting position on a previously modelled scenario to analyse multiple nested scenarios.

A range of tools assist with this including:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Quickview - Before & After 
  • Quickview - Timeframe
  • Investment Gearing
  • Sensitivity Analysis for Gearing Strategies
  • Centrelink (Social Security)
  • Account Based Pensions
  • Loan & Mortgage
  • PAYG (Income Tax)
  • Govt Co-Contributions
  • Risk Needs
    and most importantly
  • Strategy Creator, the core tool used to build multiple strategies and determine the ideal strategy to meet your client’s goals and make appropriate recommendations for implementation.


Generate Advice Documents Efficiently

FORCe's Plan module allows you to generate Statements of Advice and other advice documents in a matter of seconds from a suite templates configured for the financial planning business.  Client data, selected strategies, and modelling outputs are incorporated into the advice documents which are output to Microsoft Word® for final editing.



Full Suite of In-built Reports

Account / Module Level Reports
A wide range of reports are available in all Account modules and generate instantly for you to review, edit and permanently store against the client’s file.  All report use Microsoft Word® templates and can customised in a matter of seconds.

Global Reports
Global reporting allows you to run a range of reports across your full client database and output the results to Microsoft Excel® or directly merge to your own easily customised templates.



Stay Organised with Activities

Whether you are trying to maintain a paperless office environment or would like to efficiently keep organised records of all meetings and verbal or written communication, FORCe Desktop’s Activities module helps simplify these tasks.  Send any report instantly to your client's account for permanent storage, create activities instantly or drag and drop emails, documents or any document files from your computer.   

  • File notes relating to meetings and conversations
  • Advice documents, Letters and any other correspondence
  • Statements, Reports 
  • Tasks, Meetings, etc
  • and generally any type of electronic media you have generated for your clients.

Activities makes access to all information easy and retrieval highly efficient and because it is centrally stored your client files are backed up automatically for you.



Integrated Data to help you Manage Your Client Base

Platform Data
Information from the Fiducian and other platforms can be readily integrated for users. FORCe’s Data-linking module allows you to control how this data is linked to your client records.

Training Data
Training information from external providers such as Kaplan is easily imported allowing you to merge it with your advisers’ professional development records.

Managed Fund / ASX Feeds
Managed fund investments and share assets are automatically updated from price and data feeds. And you can access information on all managed funds through the data provided by Morningstar.

Managed Fund Research
Browse the full range of managed fund for quick access to fund information.  An up to date Fund Profile report is available directly from Morningstar in seconds.

Document Centre
FORCe has an integrated intranet providing you with easy access to documents, technical and other information resources from your Dealer.


Reduce IT and Practice Support Costs

FORCe Desktop's centralised design means system and program updates are automatically handled for all users. This, together with risk management through data backup and inherent disaster recovery capability, translates into reduced costs at the user end and for the financial planning business.  And of course efficiency comes from using a single software system for information delivery, client relationship management and financial planning.


Dealer Administration

Most importantly, FORCe provides a highly scalable core system for the financial planning company to control and operate business model across multiple sites (franchises, branches, offices etc) with scope to integrate to other value add services aligned with or owned by the planning company, such as portfolio administration or funds management.

Reduce Risk and Increase Compliance with 'Head Office' Administration features including:

  • Branch / franchise business maintenance
  • Adviser Representative Registers
  • Approved Product List
  • Standardise Investment Parameters
  • Training Plans
  • Standardised Workflows
  • Plan Template maintenance
  • Document Centre to provide all representatives and staff with up to date information
  • Reporting
  • Document storage and Enquiry management

These and other features maximise efficiently administer and service your wider planning network and end users benefit from your centralised system and services.


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